About Us

TECHCENTRE is Australia’s premier mobile accessory brand. Offering premium quality, custom designed smartphone accessories.

There are roughly 20 million smart devices in use in Australia. Our mission is to provide a range of high quality, stylish and well-priced accessories to meet the demands of this constantly growing market. We offer product solutions under both our TechCentre brand, as well as customised branding and designs for larger enterprises.

TechCentre products are sold across Australia and New Zealand through our network of stockists and distributors. Contact us today to discover the value TechCentre can add to your business. 

Our extensive range includes: Cables, chargers, car accessories, earphones, power adaptors, power banks, wireless chargers and screen protectors. All our Apple accessories are Apple certified under Apple's MFi licensing program. We have retail solutions to suit any store, including: Mini Spinner Stand, Counter Stand, Floor Stand, Double Sided Floor Stand and Slat Wall solutions.

MFi Certification - All our Apple related accessories are Apple certified. MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod) is Apples certification process that not only guarantees compatibility with your Apple devices(iPhone/iPad/iPod), but also ensures sustained functionality after iOS updates.


MFi certification is important because it protects your device from potential damage or harm that could come from using an unauthorised accessory such as overheating, improper charging, port damage, or even iOS inefficiencies.